Developing Executive Presence: How to Become a Sought-After Developer

Developing Executive Presence: How to Become a Sought-After Developer

In this article, career coach Eugene Berezin guides us on cultivating an executive presence, helping us become in-demand developers to unlock new opportunities within the competitive tech industry!


About Eugene

Eugene Berezin is a career and business coach helping ambitious software developers become more visible, maximize their earning potential, and become authorities in the tech industry.

Eugene is also a career changer in tech, a goal that many, including myself, aspire to achieve! He hosts numerous Livestream events, offering the tech community an opportunity to learn and engage with valuable content and to network with other like-minded participants.

What is an executive presence?

Eugene defines an executive presence as the ability to inspire trust and confidence in others, demonstrating that you are capable of handling the job at hand. It involves effectively convincing and influencing people that you possess the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done.

Key Components of Executive Presence

  • Expertise in your area of specialization

  • Clear and concise communication skills

  • Strong leadership abilities

  • Self-confidence and poise

  • Robust networking capabilities

Examples of individuals with an executive presence include Gary Simon, a UI/UX Design expert at DesignCourse, and Kevin Powell, a renowned CSS evangelist. Through consistent content creation, both are well-established in their respective field as experts.

Why build an executive presence?

Eugene explains that hiring in the tech market is experiencing a downturn, leading to increased competition. As a result, you will find yourself competing with other developers for job roles that require the same skill sets.

You can gain a competitive advantage by being proactive in creating a reputation, which helps you stand out and differentiate yourself from others. Your ultimate goal is to become a sought-after developer, and one of the most effective strategies to accomplish this is by building an executive presence.

With a strong executive presence, you increase opportunities for yourself, including attracting top-tier job offers, securing promotions, and establishing yourself as an industry expert.

How to build your executive presence?

In the face of a competitive job market, Eugene recommends standing out by developing an executive presence and specializing in the specific skill sets necessary for the positions you seek. To achieve this, you must first select and establish a unique niche, as determining your area of expertise and the skill you want to be recognized for is essential. Then, put yourself out there!

Stand out and put yourself out there by:

  • Showing up

  • Building your network

  • Creating content

  • LinkedIn and resume

Showing up

By consistently attending and actively participating in events while sharing your knowledge and insights, you will establish your executive presence in your areas of expertise. You can achieve this and expand your network by engaging in events like Eugene's Livestreams!

Building your network

Having a strong network equips you with connections that can significantly increase your chances of advancing your career by securing a job, obtaining a higher-paying position, and unlocking a wealth of employment opportunities.

You can build your network by attending and engaging in events and connecting with other participants at these meetings.

Eugene shares with us that he quickly secured a new job through his network when he was recently laid off, which emphasizes the importance of building your network!

Creating content

You will benefit in many ways by becoming a content creator.

As a content creator, you will:

  • Become known

  • Grow your online presence

  • Grow your network

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Have documented examples of your work

Eugene advises us first to learn the tech topics ourselves and then create projects and content that teach them to others rather than merely sharing what we are learning on social media.

Having your work documented provides hiring managers with a sample of your skillset, which can prove to them that you are qualified for a job role before you step into the interview room!

LinkedIn and resume

Your LinkedIn profile should be optimized and clearly showcase your skill of expertise.

In your experience section, on your LinkedIn and resume, it is vital to describe what you achieved, not just list your job title. For example, do not just say you are a front-end web developer, write the quantitative value you provided, such as "Reduced website load time by 20% after optimizing JavaScript and CSS, resulting in a 10% increase in user engagement."

Tip: If you're a new developer without experience, you can gain experience to add to your resume by offering your services for free or at a discounted rate through your network.

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Building and Maintaining Executive Presence

  • Niche: Select a specific area of expertise and become a leader in that field.

  • Showing up: Attend and actively participate in events to establish your presence in your niche.

  • Building your network: Connect with other professionals to expand your circle and enhance your career opportunities.

  • Creating content: Share your knowledge through various platforms to showcase your expertise and grow your online presence.

  • LinkedIn and resume: Optimize your profiles to highlight your skills and achievements in your chosen niche.

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Developing an executive presence sets you apart from the competition and can transform you into a sought-after developer, giving you a competitive advantage in the tech job market!

Cultivating your presence can be achieved by first selecting a niche and then becoming renowned for it through active participation in events, establishing a strong network, and optimizing your LinkedIn profile and resume to reflect it. Doing so will solidify your unique niche as a leader in that field.

Creating content is another excellent way to build your executive presence. You can create content on platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogging sites, which helps you to become known, grow your online presence, improve your communication skills, and provides hiring managers with documented examples of your work, which can bring employment opportunities directly to you!

Embrace these strategies taught by career coach Eugene Berezin to unlock new career opportunities and elevate your professional status. Don't wait – start building your executive presence today!

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